Business Planning is not my main business, but over the years I have certainly been involved in business planning for all sorts of organisations, and at various times my clients in both government and industry have asked for guidance for their staff. Gradually I evolved a set of notes. This led to more and more requests for copies which, while very gratifying, were becoming something of a burden. So I produced this little A5 booklet, free to all-comers. Even then, posting paper copies around the world became quite difficult, so I have now made a PDF version available here: "Bob's Brief Guide to Business Planning" (110KB). It is not quite as cute as my little booklet, but I hope I can help more people this way.

With the passage of time I have been able to 'de-anonymise' the references to particular sectors in the example of maket segmentation.

All I ask is that if you use this guidance, then where you have the opportunity you give me credit. My own business depends on such references. If you are really feeling generous, maybe you would like to make a PayPal donation via the button below..



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