Bob Malcolm
  Born: 5th. April 1946, United Kingdom
  Qualifications: B.Sc.(Maths.w.Elec.Eng.); Chartered Engineer
  Fellow, Institution of Electrical Engineers
  Fellow, Institute of Quality Assurance
  Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce
  Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey
  Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire

Since 1989 Bob has been Managing Director of the consultancy, ideo ltd, providing unbiased advice on R&D and innovation strategy and management. Clients include industry, universities, the European Commission, NATO, and government, including the Department of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Defence, and the Research Councils in the UK.

Contracts have included:

Before establishing ideo, Bob worked for twenty years in systems development. In the 1970's he was Chief Engineer of the Airborne Software Division in GEC Avionics, and later took responsibility for avionic software development projects. During the 1980's he moved to CAP, the software and systems house, taking various posts before becoming Research Manager for CAP Group and then Sema Group (UK). He has worked as systems engineer, research manager, quality manager, project manager, and business manager.

Bob chairs the Strategy Board of the Sytems Engineering Innovation Centre; he is also a member of the Independent Steering Group of the BAESYSTEMS-EPSRC Integrated Programme in Aeronautical Engineering and chairs the Management Committee of the Systems Engineering Doctorate Centre. He is a former chairman of the Research and Development Society and a member of the Complexity Society. He was founding chairman of the Informatics Division of the IEE. During the UK Technology Foresight Programme he was a member of the Communications Panel. He was programme co-ordinator for the DTI-EPSRC Safety-Critical Systems Research Programme and for the Systems Integration Initiative, and he chaired the Safety Critical Systems Club Steering Group.

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