Systems Integration Initiative 1st Call - an overview


The first call, which closed October 15th 1998, attracted about 30 proposals seeking 18M of funding. (4.5M was available in this year.) However, only five proposals were accepted for funding, and not all the available funds were committed.

Two or three of the proposals were so bad that a 'word in the ear' of their authors led to their withdrawal. All the remainder were refereed and put to a specially selected panel. Of these remaining proposals, about one third were seriously deficient in that their authors appear not to have read the aims of the initiative. A further third were well-intentioned with respect to the aims of the initiative, but deficient with respect to the published criteria for proposals. Half the remainder were accepted, and the other half encouraged to resubmit after addressing various specific weaknesses in their proposals.

It is important to understand that the panel took the view that well-written proposals from groups with established reputations will not be accepted if they are not in line with the aims of the initiative. In order to convince future panels that this is the case, future proposers should pay very serious attention to the criteria as expressed in the call and to the additional guidance. Do not waste your time and the panel's with sophistry.

After the first call, on May 14th 1999, we held a 'community workshop'. A summary of that Workshop and the gist of the discussion there is available. Presentations from the five successful projects in the first call were given and downloadable copies of the slide sets are available below.

The five successful proposals were:

DOMAIN: Dynamic Operations Management Across the InterNet

Academic team: Kehoe, Liverpool

Idea: from supply chain to supply web

Project abstract

Download 16KB Zipped Powerpoint presentation from May 14th Workshop

Complexity in the Supply Chain

Academic team: Frizelle,Cambridge; Efstathiou, Oxford

Idea: learn to love complexity: manipulate and manage it - once you can measure it

Project abstract

Download 47KB Zipped Powerpoint presentation from May 14th Workshop

FDDCS - Fully Decentralised Distributed Control Systems

Academic team: Bass et al, Bangor; Fleming et al, Sheffield; Wellstead et al, UMIST

Idea: what is says - *really* distributed Distributed Process Control

Project abstract

Download 20KB Zipped Powerpoint presentation from May 14th Workshop

MAPPSEE: Managing Asynchronous Product and Process Structures in the Extended Enterprise

Academic team: Boardman, De Montfort, de Pennington et al, Leeds

Idea: '3D Concurrent Engineering' for the aerospace industry

Project abstract

Download 442KB Zipped Powerpoint presentation from May 14th Workshop

COMPANION: Common Model for Partners in Automation

Academic team: Harrison, Weston, Loughborough

Idea: development of a distributed engineering environment based on a component based model of manufacturing equipment design

Project abstract

Download 660KB Zipped Acrobat (PDF) presentation from May 14th Workshop


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